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    Online Sun-E reflective glass is a kind of LOW-E glass which has anti-solar and low emissivity functions developed according to china 's complex thermal environment. The product has a variety of tones through a special film fast rendering technology. While maintaining low emissivity thermal insulation, it controls solar radiation that passes into the room with a low shading coefficient. It achieves the dual effect of energy saving and decorative function.This product has good chemical stability, strong and durable, can be bending, tempered, and single-glazed. It is also called“hard coating”glass made by high temperature pyrolysis CVD method.

    This product has silver gray, lake blue, Light green, golden bronze, etc. Customers can choose from a variety of different color options and performance parameters.

    Product characteristics

1. Beautiful and colorful appearance and function of the anti-solar


2. Low reflection and high transmission reduce "light pollution."


3. High-temperature hard coating, film stability, wear resistance, and can be single glazed, long-term storage.


4. Stable thermal processing performance, can be arbitrarily tempered, bending and other deep-processing.


5. Compared with ordinary solar film, it has a high cost-effective in terms of energy saving.


6. Insulating glass combined by this products and LOW-E glass have better energy saving effect.


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