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    High transmittance glass is a kind of high quality float glass with visible light transmittance ratio higher than 91% ,and visible light absorption ratio lower than 1%, containing a special anti-UV factor.

    Products with highest glass transparency is the first choice to achieve energy-saving of buildings in cold areas. High transmittance glass gives a perfect connotation of transparent energy-saving and natural lighting. It has visible light transmittance more than 91%, and visible light absorption ratio less than 1%, compared to that of ordinary float glass of 5%.

    Let more visible light stay in the room so that the electric lighting could be reduced to achieve energy saving target. High transmittance glass has high total solar infrared energy transmittance which means more solar heat can pass into the room increasing room temperature. If used in long cold winter or cold areas, it will reduce heating cost and energy consumption.

    High transmittance glass can block at least 30% of ultraviolet passing into the room,compared to the traditional ultra-clear glass which could not filter out UV.

    The product contains very low amount of impurity particles such as nickel sulfide and elemental silicon. Its tempered product has a very low explosive rate of less than 2/10,000 (for normal tempered glass, it is higher than 3/1,000). When applied in large-area of glass curtain walls, the building safety will be greatly enhanced and maintenance costs will be reduced.


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