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    Online Sun-E reflective glass is one kind of LOW-E glass which has anti-solar and low emissivity functions  according to china 's complex characteristics of thermal environment. The product has a variety of tones through a special film fast rendering technology. During provide low emissivity thermal insulation it also can control solar heat into the room, has a low shading coefficient. It satisfied the building "energy" and "decorative" dual needs. This product has good chemical stability, strong and durable, can be bending, tempered, can be used in single piece. It is “hard coating” made by High temperature pyrolysis CVD method.


    This product has silver gray, lake blue, Light Green, champagne gold, etc. color. Customer can choose different color and performance parameters Online Sun-EReflective glass.



    Product characteristics


1.  Beautiful and colorful appearance and function of the anti-solar


2.  Low reflection and high transmission reduce "light pollution."


3.  High-temperature hard coating, film stability, wear resistance, and can be single use, long-term storage.


4.  Stable thermal processing performance, can be arbitrarily tempered, bending and other deep-processing.


5.  Compared with ordinary solar film, it has a high cost-effective in terms of energy saving.


6.  Insulating glass combined by this products and LOW-E glass have batter energy saving.



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