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    OFF-LINE HIGH TRANSMITTANCE DOUBLE SILVER LOW-E REFLECTIVE GLASS adopts the world's advanced off-line vacuum magnetron sputtering process,using high-quality float glass as substrates,adding two layers of silver coating onto the high-quality float glass and attaching multi-layered film of high corrosion and thermal resistance. It can reflect far infrared heat radiation, has low K value and low solar infrared energy transmittance. Thus it has excellent insulation properties. Double-layer LOW-E glass is high-end Low-E glass,belonging to sunshield LOW-E glass. It highlighted the glass’s shielding effect of the solar thermal radiation, combining the high light transmission and low solar heat radiation function together. Apart from the features of single-layered Low-E glass, it also has the following:  


1.   High light transmittance, good natural lighting effect.


2.   Very low total solar infrared energy transmittance can effectively control solar heat radiation through the glass, filtering sunlight into cold light, which ensures both high visible light transmittance and low solar transmittance and thus provides the best choice for buildings with transparent façade design.


3.   High reflectance ratio of far infrared heat radiation, low K value, excellent heat insulation capabilities


4.   Antioxidant protective film which has high hardness and good stability, suitable for toughening and tempering, and long-time storage, etc.   



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